Ambygo® Autoclave Cooker Type Electric

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Ambygo® Autoclave Cooker Type Electric (ACV)

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  • Ambygo® Autoclave cooker type electric is made from wrought Virgin Aluminium sheet.
  • All materials and components of food grade quality.
  • Sterilizing Temperature : 121°C
  • Operating Pressure : 15 psi
  • Silver mirror finish
  • With double safety valve.
  • Precisely tested pressure regulator and precision pressure gauge.
  • Gasket Release System (GRS) and safety valve that automatically defuses pressure to safe level.
  • Capacity : 10 Ltr. to 60 Ltr.
  • All our cooker type portable autoclaves come with outer stand, inner stand and power cable.

Sizes Available :

  • 9" dia x 11" Electric Autoclave, 13 Ltrs., Weight : 4 kg
  • 12" dia x 12" Electric Autoclave, 23 Ltrs., Weight : 7 kg
  • 12" dia x 22" Electric Autoclave, 40 Ltrs., Weight : 10 kg
  • Sizes available from 9 to 60 Ltr. For Other Sizes, please fill up the bulk enquiry form.

Country of Origin : India

  • Ambygo® is a leading manufacturer and exporter of cooker type autoclaves from India.
  • Autoclaves Aluminium Pressure Cooker Type Electric is made of aluminium deep-drawn seamless construction.
  • Ambygo® autoclaves are ideal sterilization machines for clincs, nursing homes, hospitals and laboratories.
  • Our range of cooker type autoclaves are also ideal for the sterilization needs of Tatoo industry.
  • Cooker autoclaves are available online for dental clinics
  • It uses steam to sterilize medical equipment, surgical dressings, glass, utensils, - Rapidly and efficiently


  • DO NOT operate the autoclave without water
  • Avoid using hard water
  • Close the lid properly and carefully, DO NOT attempt to open it during operation with force
  • Make sure that the rubber gasket is in a good shape and condition
  • DO NOT use any alkaline solution in the unit
  • DO NOT put any extra additional on the stopcock
  • Clean and dry the unit after use.

Convenient and Safe Handling : Ambygo® Autoclaves come with heat-resistant bakelite handles and a steam release/control valve, ensuring safe and convenient handling during the sterilization process.

We at Mahika Medical Pvt. Ltd. (Brand owners of Ambygo®) are committed to delivering Autoclaves of the highest quality that meet stringent industry standards. Our Electric Autoclave Pressure Aluminum Body combine user-friendliness, efficiency, and advanced safety features to provide outstanding sterilization performance. Experience the difference with our Autoclave and place your trust in Ambygo® for all your medical and hospital equipment needs.

Parts of Autoclave :

  • Heating Element : For heating the water.
  • Gasket : For preventing the loss of vapor and heat.
  • Steam Releasing Valve : To replace air present within the autoclave before sterilization and steam after sterilization.
  • Pressure Regulating Valve (Stop Cock) : To maintain the vapor pressure within the chamber by releasing excess steam during sterilization.
  • Safety Valve : To release excess steam if the stop cock fails to operate properly.
  • Tripod Stand : To place the products that you want to autoclave.
  • Vacuum Releasing Valve (Optional) : To create a pre-vacuum, prior to its operation.

The standard models of these autoclave machines are available from 9 to 60 liters of capacities. In addition to standard models, we also offer customized portable autoclaves at highly competitive price.

Designed ergonomically, our portable autoclaves feature long years of worry-free performance, maximum efficiency and safe operation. Being compact in design, these systems occupy very low bench space; hence, perfect for places where space is a major issue. They are also simple to use, operator needs to special training prior using. No installation is needed, all you need to do is plug and use.

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